Steve Kerr Talks Dichotomy of ESPN Laying Off Marc Stein and Ethan Strauss, Interviewing LaVar Ball

Ryan Glasspiegel

Steve Kerr was asked about the situation in which LaVar Ball said Luke Walton, Kerr’s former assistant who now coaches Lonzo Ball and the Lakers, and whether ESPN should be covering it. (On Sunday, Rick Carlisle discussed his ire on this topic, and said ESPN shouldn’t be printing stories with Papa Ball’s opinions.)

Kerr brought up the dichotomy of ESPN laying off Marc Stein and Ethan Strauss — “people who are writing really substantial [stories]” — and about 100 journalists, but paying to send reporters to Lithuania to cover LaVar Ball.

Kerr acknowledged that if ESPN is making these decisions, people must be clicking and watching LaVar Ball content: “This is not a condemnation of ESPN. It’s not. It’s a societal issue. It’s been going on for many, many years.”

It is fascinating to think that a year ago at this time very few of us had any idea who LaVar was. Will he still be a lightning rod such that readers and viewers continue to engage with his content a year from today, or are his 15 minutes in stoppage time?

Here is the full transcription of Kerr’s remarks if you prefer to read over watch: