Steve Belichick Explains Tongue Wagging Gif Sitting in Front of Office Christmas Tree in June


Steve Belichick appeared on the latest episode of Green Light with Chris Long. While talking about Tom Brady's return to New England last season Belichick brought up getting caught on the broadcast wagging his tongue.

"I got killed after that game. I became a gif and you know everyone loves to see that."

"I was just thinking a lot and try to stay ahead of it. I'll never forget after the game my wife and Pat Chung, they were sitting together watching the game and they just kind of put their arm around me like it's going to be okay. Like, what the f-ck are you talking about?"

While his reaction to learning about the gif is great, the real star of this interview was the Christmas tree that is still up in his office in June. It's not surprising that a Belichick is too consumed with football to remove a holiday decoration, but it is surprising that a Belichick found time to put up a holiday decoration. Maybe this family just loves Christmas.