Stetson Bennett's 'Good Morning America' Appearance Kicked Ass


Stetson Bennett IV wasn't going to let himself be the reason Georgia fell short of a national championship, kicking things into high gear for the final 20 minutes of the Bulldogs' legacy-defining victory over Alabama in Indianapolis last night. After throwing for 224 yards and two scores, the senior quarterback presumably had the time of his life — and anyone else's life — enjoying the accomplishment with his friends and family.

At some point an opportunity to appear on Good Morning America just hours after the final whistle materialized and at some point it was accepted, either by Bennett or someone on Georgia's media relations side. Which led, predictably, to this memorable interview with Michael Strahan.

In summation, same energy.

Let's be perfectly clear here. Bennett is an absolute hero for fulfilling this obligation. There is not a single college-aged person who wouldn't be in the exact same position after minimal sleep and riding the buzz only a natty can deliver. Only adding to his legend.