Stephen Strasburg Ejected From His Seat in the Stands

Kyle Koster
Toronto Blue Jays v Washington Nationals
Toronto Blue Jays v Washington Nationals / G Fiume/Getty Images

It used to take a Herculean effort for someone sitting in the seats to get forcibly ejected from the premises by an umpire who had heard too much. Now all you have to do is simply argue balls and strikes. Washington Nationals pitcher Stephen Strasburg joined the very small fraternity of players to get ejected while wearing masks in the seats this afternoon. Apparently he barked loud enough during a game against the New York Mets to cut through the eerie Citi Field air and get noticed.

Strasburg took it in stride, going out like George Costanza on a high note.

Nats manager Dave Martinez was a bit more upset.

They grow up so fast, don't they? It seems like just yesterday Strasburg would exit a game prematurely to protect his arm. Now he's out there doing it on his own to help the younger pitchers on staff keep their pitch count down.