Stephen Curry Also Made a Ridiculous One-Handed Cross-Court Pass For an Assist

New Orleans Pelicans v Golden State Warriors
New Orleans Pelicans v Golden State Warriors / Loren Elliott/GettyImages

Luka Doncic got a lot of attention yesterday for throwing an insane cross-court pass that most people would never even dream of attempting. Last night Stephen Curry did something similar. I'm not going to say it was better, but this left-handed cross-court over an attentive Brandon Ingram comes pretty damn close in ridiculousness.

I mean, that's with his left hand. That's so good. Of course, it was only made possible by Klay Thompson's unending movement. If you watch the slightly longer version of the video you'll notice Klay started in the same corner that Steph eventually threw the pass from and completely relocated to the other side of the floor. Not only was he ready to shoot, but he was calling for the ball, knowing Steph could and would find him.

Steve Kerr's reaction is absolutely spot-on here. It's a pass so good you have to shake your head that someone can pull it off, even if they're on your team.

UPDATE: Of course, the reaction when Steph and Klay aren't on your team is also good.