Stephen Curry's Next Two Games Are a Part of NBA History

Stephen Douglas
Stephen Curry
Stephen Curry / Daniel Shirey/Getty Images

Stephen Curry has set a new record for three-point shooting. This time it's the most three-pointers in a single month in NBA history. With seven three's on Sunday against the Sacramento Kings, Curry has 85 in April. He has shot 52.9 percent from deep this month. The Warriors still have two games left before May. So the record is probably going to end up closer to 100.

Curry has averaged 38.2 points per game in April. A long way from James Harden's incredible 43.6 points per game in January 2019, but still quite a month. Unfortunately for Harden, he doesn't own that record. Wilt Chamberlain scored that many points twice in full seasons a hundred years ago. What Steph is doing is unheard of and he gets to take the record home with him and put it in his non-fungible trophy case.

It's hard to imagine anyone - except Stephen Curry - ever coming close to this again. He's the best shooter in NBA history and he's in a unique spot where he has to take all these shots. If Klay Thompson was healthy and the Warriors were fighting for actual playoff position instead of headed for the play-in tournament, he wouldn't be taking 13.8 three's a game.

We will never see any other confluence of talent, circumstances and blazing on-fire-ness like this. So if you can catch Curry's last two games this month, know that you are viewing living, breathing history. This is something great that you will never see again. No one this good will ever shoot and make this many three-pointers. Ever.