Stephen Curry Celebrity Golf Tournament Victory Marred by Screaming Fan Sabotaging Opponent on Final Hole

A Mickey Mouse win?

Stephen Curry
Stephen Curry / Isaiah Vazquez/GettyImages

Stephen Curry continued to live out his very charmed life in front of all of us over the weekend as the Golden State Warriors superstar won the American Century Celebrity Golf Championship Tournament. He knocked in a hole-in-one on Saturday and was neck-and-neck with former tennis pro Mardy Fish for the lead most of Sunday's round. The scoring system was wonky and thus space will not be wasted in this blog post attempting to explain it but rest assured that everything came down to the final hole.

Curry knocked in a long eagle putt to secure his victory and celebrated accordingly. It was great and infuriating to watch. Is there anything this guy can't do?

But this victory did not come without controversy, reader. On the 18th tee, a rogue fan screeched in the middle of Fish's backswing, which of course led to a shank into the crowd and gave Curry a leg up on the final hole.

Very uncool. And it is pretty remarkable this doesn't happen more often considering the penalty is simply ejection and we have seen many times that's not nearly enough of a deterrent to prevent fans from doing idiotic, lame stuff.

Fish was pretty cool about it all things considered but one has to wonder if this puts an asterisk on Curry's victory. Make sure it's engraved on the trophy alongside his name!