Stephen Curry is Just a Normal Human Again

Stephen Douglas
Good clean defense gets Steph again.
Good clean defense gets Steph again. / Will Newton/Getty Images

Stephen Curry came crashing back to Earth on Wednesday night as the Washington Wizards beat the Golden State Warriors, 118-114. Curry who had been as hot as anyone has pretty much ever been for the last month, scored just 18 points on 7-of-25 shooting. He made just two of 14 three point attempts. And this man said he wanted to be our latex salesman earlier this week.

It was a hell of a run, but Stephen Curry is human again. He scored 30 or more in 11 straight games and 40 or more in five of his last eight games. On Wednesday he was held under 20 for the first time since March 17th. He's had games with 53, 57 and 62 points this season.

Yeah, for a bit there it looked like Steph would finally establish himself as a great player. He's barely leading the league in scoring. He's barely carrying his team to the playoffs. He's 14th in three point shooting percentage and only attempting twice as many three's a game as 16 of the other players in the top 20.

What's so impressive about that? People lead the NBA in scoring every year. The 262 three pointers he's made this season? Only tied for the 18th-most anyone has ever made in a season. I mean, he's already played 51 games and the Warriors only have 13 games remaining. So what if he hits 300 three pointers this season to join James Harden, Stephen Curry, Stephen Curry and Stephen Curry as the only people to do that?

When it's all said and done, this will just be another Stephen Curry season. Big deal. We've seen this before.