Stephen Curry Has Led the NBA in Jersey Sales for 4 Straight Seasons

By Jason McIntyre

Stephen Curry can add another line to his resume: Best selling NBA jersey for four straight years.

In what has been a historic 4-year run, the 2nd best point guard in NBA history led the league in jersey sales again. He hasn’t changed numbers, the way Jordan, Kobe or LeBron did. He hasn’t captured a Finals MVP yet. In fact, he’s added an all-time great to his team – Kevin Durant – and is still on top of the league in terms of popularity.

It started in 2015 when Curry took the league by storm, led the Warriors to 67 wins, and a title. It continued into 2016 when he had one of the best seasons in NBA history, led the Warriors to 73 wins, and was the first unanimous MVP ever. Curry continued to lead the league in jersey sales in 2017, even though Kevin Durant showed up and won Finals MVP. And in 2018, Curry’s popularity still rages.

Stephen Curry has been one of the biggest change agents in NBA history, in the same discussion as Magic JohnsonMichael JordanShaq and LeBron James. The two biggest differences between those four and Curry are size – he’s only 6-foot-3 – and expectations.

Just remember, when Michael Jordan absolutely dominated the 1990s, winning six titles in six chances, no single player had a four-year stretch of Curry’s caliber, infringing on his turf.