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Stephen Curry Still Has It

Kyle Koster
Thearon W. Henderson/GettyImages

Stephen Curry will turn 34 during this season. Eventually, Father Time is going to catch up to him and alter one of the most thrilling games the NBA has ever seen. After a woeful 5-for-21 shooting night in the season opener, the Golden State Warriors guard went out on Thursday night and responded with a vintage performance against the Los Angeles Clippers, exploding for 25 first-quarter points en route to 45 total. Curry sank his first 10 shots and finished 8-for-13 from beyond the arc.

The defining moment came with just under two minutes to play and the Clippers protecting a one-point lead. Curry lined up a triple try from just outside Petaluma and nailed it. This was shortly after Paul George informed the best shooter in basketball history that he was "from the logo with it."

George had a fantastic and efficient night himself but imagine talking three-point trash to Curry. Why would you do that? May as well put your finger in a mousetrap. If only there were an overwhelming encyclopedia of evidence that things would turn out this way.

No one on Golden State outside of Curry had more than 17 points. Charles Barkley astutely observed during halftime that this will be a problem long-term. The bright side is that Curry will be incentivized to go all the way off on a nightly basis.