Stephen Curry Could End Up With More 3-Pointers Than Minnesota Timberwolves

By Ty Duffy

Stephen Curry hit 12 3-pointers last night, to beat the Oklahoma City Thunder in overtime. Curry broke his own regular season record of 286 3-pointers, in his 56th game. He is, perhaps, more of a problem in real life than he is for video game developers.

If the Golden State Warriors chasing the 1995-96 Bulls’ 72-10 mark does not intrigue you enough, here is an interesting statistical race to track. Curry could end up with more 3-pointers than the entire Minnesota Timberwolves team.

The Timberwolves are last in the NBA with 297 made (from 904 attempts). Curry trails by nine with 288 made (from 615 attempts). Of course, Curry has played three fewer games, so his per game average (5.14) is higher than Minnesota’s (5.0).

This would be the opportune time to remind everyone the Timberwolves passed on Curry TWICE in the 2009 NBA Draft, selecting guards Ricky Rubio and Jonny Flynn. Flynn did make an all-star team in 2012, in the Australian NBL.


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