Celebrities At It Again, Vol. 290

Kyle Koster

When there's a problem to be solved there are two options. Call in an elite squadron of special forces, the type who don't mind getting their hands dirty and are chronically always on their last job before retirement or assemble the celebrities and ask them to sing with task and purpose. NYCNext chose the latter and a Billy Joel track to see if a New York State of Mind might accelerate the process.

And you know what? Maybe. Maybe it will.

Among the trained professionals lending their voice: Idina Menzel, Stephen Colbert, Andy Cohen, Ben Stiller, and Alexa Ray Joel.

“The arts are the oxygen of New York, and Broadway opening is like the city can breathe again,” Colbert said. No one denies this!

The biggest winner here outside of those too cynical to let themselves enjoy the song a bit is Joel. His ode to NYC really got crowded out by the Jay-Z/Alicia Keys hit. This could be major for the Joelassance we're always anxious to see rise.