Stephen A. Smith Will Coach Celebrity All-Star Game, Will Probably Get Ejected

Kyle Koster
Stephen A. Smith
Stephen A. Smith / Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Stephen A. Smith is just a flurry of excitable energy this morning, flying high on the news that he'll serve as a coach in the NBA All-Star Celebrity Game. The honor puts him in the elite company of Magic Johnson, Julius Irving, Mike & Mike, Katie Nolan, Jemele Hill, Drake, and Queen Latifah. What a group.

Now, as a betting man it feels like my duty to find some place offering odds of Smith getting bounced from the proceedings after a call does not go his way. One simply cannot see him biting his tongue. And more importantly, can you imagine how good it would feel to throw Smith out of something?

That life experience could fetch thousands if they put it in the ESPYs auction.

Also, if I'm a celebrity in this game, I'd prefer to play on the other team. Smith doesn't strike me as a particularly player-friendly coach. With that said, absolutely take Smith's side on the moneyline because few athletes, entertainers or anyone else can match his competitive spirit.