Stephen A. Smith Hammers Max Kellerman Over Years of Tom Brady 'Cliff' Takes

Ryan Phillips
Stephen A. Smith, Marcus Spears and Max Kellerman on "First Take"
Stephen A. Smith, Marcus Spears and Max Kellerman on "First Take" /

Stephen A. Smith is fed up with Max Kellerman's Tom Brady takes. He's done. And on Tuesday's First Take, he went on an instant classic Stephen A. rant about Kellerman's four years of expecting Brady to fail.

I can't do justice to just how good it was. Stephen A. was in rare form and absolutely knocked it out. You can watch below:

For years, Kellerman has claimed Brady was about to fall off a cliff, and for years, Brady has defied that analysis. Now at 43-years-old, Brady is in yet another Super Bowl and Kellerman has doubted him every step of the way.

Now Kellerman is talking up guys who defied the odds and lasted past 40 and Stephen A. is fed up and reminding him of his past doubts. All of a sudden Kellerman is bringing up examples of guys who lasted a long time and Smith can't even take him seriously. He shouldn't have to.

Kellerman dug his own grave with his past Brady takes. Eventually Stephen A. was going to pounce and deliver a protracted rant aimed at him. It finally happened on Tuesday.