Stephen A. Smith: "Tom Brady Destroyed His Cell Phone"

By Jason McIntyre

Stephen A. Smith, former reporter, current owner of many hot takes, actually said this on ESPN’s First Take today. Yes, Stephen A. Smith has a source that told him Patriots QB Tom Brady smashed his cell phone. Ostensibly because he’s terrified aboutDeflateGate.

“I’m hearing that Tom Brady actually destroyed his cell phone.”

Smashing the evidence! What a headline!

Smith has occasionally stepped in it while talking about the NFL – see Chip KellyRay Rice, etc – and this is a bold one because he’s speaking about the smashed phone as fact, not opinion. He’s clearly not joking.

There’s probably a joke here to be made about Smith getting this information from Chris Broussard, but … sigh.

[UPDATEStephen A. Smith was right! He beat everyone to the story. How’d he do it? Who knows. Troy Vincent is a power player – NFL executive vice president of football operations; he likes to take care of former Philadelphia media members. Vincent was a cornerback with the Eagles while Smith was in Philadelphia in the late 90s/early 00s.]