Stephen A. Smith Tells Great Kobe Bryant Story During Howard Stern Interview

Kobe Bryant
Kobe Bryant / Harry How/GettyImages

Stephen A. Smith went on Howard Stern's show this morning and talked about Kobe Bryant. In a somewhat shocking admission Smith told the audience and Stern that Kobe "scared the shit" out of him because he was a basketball savant and would not hesitate to call the ESPN analyst when he thought he got something wrong.

Smith then gave a blow-by-blow retelling of what a phone call with Kobe Bryant was like. It was tremendous.

Great stuff. Given the type of person Kobe was those phone calls probably happened a lot.

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It was also admittedly jarring to hear Stephen A. Smith drop so many f-bombs in such a short amount of time but I loved it. Let's get an unfiltered and uncut Stephen A.'s takes on regular sports topics. Would really spice up the debate show sphere.