Stephen A. Smith Gives Best Stoner Impression on First Take

Liam McKeone

For all of Stephen A. Smith's quirks and qualms that keep sports viewers entertained (and frustrated) during his daily television segments, perhaps none is as infamous as his plea to athletes to "Stay off the weeeeeeed-uh!" Each time another athlete is suspended for violating a particular league's substance policy for marijuana, he repeats his refrain into the abyss that is cable television and sports talk radio.

Stephen A., being a smart guy, picked up on the fact that everyone found this amusing, and leaned into the joke. He leaned so far he fell in during First Take, when he gave his best impression of a stoner talking about sports. It was something.

The smoke effects is a great touch, and may indicate a future in film for the sports talk personality. The funniest part about the video, by far, is Molly Qerim and Max Kellerman both mocking him for having no idea what it's like to be high, realizing what that would imply about their own experience, and falling into silence after a brief forced laugh. That's my read of the situation, anyway.

Now, we patiently await the day where Stephen A. tokes up with one of the very athletes he implored to stay off the weed-uh. That's the direction we're heading, and I'm excited for the journey.