Stephen A. Smith Extremely Skeptical NBA Players Will Go Months Without Sex

Kyle Koster
Stacy Revere/Getty Images

The NBA's Disney Bubble, like most Mickey Mouse-themed bubbles, will be largely non-sexual and solitary. At least on paper. We all know the famous saying, though: what happens in locked-down Orlando stays in the area just outside locked-down greater Orlando.

Stephen A. Smith alone was brave enough to address the eventual pent-up elephant in the room during today's First Take. He does not believe players will be able to last three months, let alone three weeks, without the warm touch of a loved one. Or less loved but physically connected partner.

Smith has clearly done his homework on this one. He spoke with passion and confidence that only comes with dissecting the issue from all sides. At several points he was so worked up it felt like he'd lose his voice making his points but, like the pro he is, powered through to land the plane.

ESPN's highest-paid pundit is well-versed on sex and relationships and not afraid to expound on either.

In all seriousness, as hard as it to believe the bubble won't be pierced from the inside, the odds of breaking protocol and not being caught seems low. There is going to be an army of sleuths out there just wanting to expose a player stepping out of line.