Stephen A. Smith Says Kevin Durant Told Russell Westbrook He'd Stay in OKC, KD Says That's BS


Stephen A. Smith went on First Take today and dropped a quasi-bombshell: He said, according to multiple sources, that Kevin Durant had dinner with Russell Westbrook, Nick Collison, and maybe Royal Ivey the night before he met the Warriors in the Hamptons and told them that he would stay with the Oklahoma City Thunder. Durant responded to the report by saying it was BS. Both videos are in this thread:

According to Stephen A., Westbrook was not happy that Durant neglected to call him to talk about his decision about signing with the Warriors, but rather texted.

Stephen A. was careful to clarify that Durant was not lying to Westbrook at the dinner, but changed his mind. He also added that, despite public perception that Durant had major issues with Westbrook that caused him to lead the Thunder, there were bigger interpersonal beefs with GM Sam Presti.

Durant denied all this, so that’s where we stand now.