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Stephen A. Smith Returns to 'First Take' For Victory Lap After Gut-Wrenching Cowboys Loss

Liam McKeone
Stephen A. Smith
Stephen A. Smith /

Stephen A. Smith has been absent from First Take the last month after he tested positive for COVID in December. Monday was slated to be his first day back, and things could not have worked out better as the noted Dallas Cowboys hater has a lot to say today.

Smith posted a video of sheer delight filled with evil laughter after the Cowboys' extremely painful last-second loss to the San Francisco 49ers.

On Monday morning, the ESPN star posted another video of himself in a cowboy hat preparing for his victory lap.

To make things even better, Monday has been the day Michael Irvin comes on the program to debate Smith about the football happenings of the weekend. Irvin, of course, is a big Cowboys cheerleader in media after his Hall of Fame career with the franchise. Smith couldn't contain himself as ESPN played a brilliant montage of sad Dallas fans overlaid with somber music.

Excellent work from everyone behind the camera here. Smart to capitalize on the bit while it lasts.