Stephen A. Smith Responds to Kaepernick Criticism: 'I'm a Black Man, You Idiots'

Liam McKeone

Stephen A. Smith has been under some fire over the last few days concerning his criticisms of Colin Kaepernick. He addressed these criticisms in a two-minute monologue on First Take today, seen below.

Smith has been one of Kaepnerick's loudest critics since the news broke that the NFL was hosting a workout for him this past Saturday, stating several times that Kaepernick needed to put all non-football stuff on the side if he wants his job back. Some of the general population took this as an indirect shot at Kaepnerick's efforts to draw attention to police brutality and other social justice issues.

Smith did not take kindly to that implication, and clarified exactly what he meant on Tuesday, leading off with an all-time great Stephen A. line: "I'm a black man, you idiots!" He went on to adamantly insist that any and all of his comments concerning the quarterback were in regards to his football activities and the way he's dealing with the NFL. Nothing he said was meant to take away from Kaepnerick's protesting efforts.

Smith has been going pretty hard at Kaepernick recently, but this should clear up any confusion about just what he's criticizing.