Stephen A. Smith Reacts to Josh Hart Breast Milk Tweet

Stephen A. Smith
Stephen A. Smith /

On Tuesday, New York Knicks guard Josh Hart drew the ire of many of his teammates and the internet at large when he tweeted out a thought about breast milk, seemingly unprompted.

The wandering thoughts of a brand-new father running on little sleep. I guess. Anyway, Stephen A. Smith saw it this morning and tweeted out a teaser for his podcast later promising his thoughts on the situation.

By the late afternoon Smith had his thoughts up and, well... Let's just say the segment doesn't belong on all Disney programming.

Good work by the producers on these Office-like zoom-ins that give us images like these.

Now, I'm happy to admit I'm entirely out of my depth on this subject matter as a man with no children. However, I do know this much-- if I go the rest of my life without hearing Stephen A. Smith say "breasts" again, I'll be happy.