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Stephen A. Smith Has an Unfounded Accusation Regarding Odell Beckham Jr. and the Browns

Kyle Koster
Ronald Martinez/GettyImages

Perceived friction between Odell Beckham Jr. and the Browns has turned up the temperature in Cleveland. The receiver's injury history, price tag, and chemistry with Baker Mayfield all play a role in the latest report from The Athletic suggesting the Browns will move on from Beckham Jr. this offseason.

In Week 3, his first game back from ACL rehab, Beckham was targeted nine times and posted five catches for 77 yards. In the two weeks since he's seen a combined 10 targets, four receptions and 47 yards. Not exactly world-beating numbers. And not exactly fair in the eyes of ESPN's Stephen A. Smith, who believes there's a plan to keep the damn ball from OBJ's hands.

"I'm going to make an accusation here," Smith said. "It's unfounded. It's just my personal opinion. If Baker Mayfield is as good as y'all say he is, why ain't that man getting the ball? Because you don't want to give him the ball."

It's rare to hear someone on television forge on with an unfounded accusation after admitting what's coming next is one. It's even rarer to repeat it again later, like Smith did.

"I am making the accusation that it is intentional why that brother hasn't been found," he said.

This is your classic big, if true situation. And even if it's not true, it's now a viral clip. Another notch in the championship content belt Smith wears around his waist.