5 Biggest Takeaways From Stephen A. Smith's Commentary on Marriage


Stephen A. Smith has offered his thoughts on pretty much anything as a public service to an insatiable audience that just cannot get enough of his views. But his stance on the whole concept of marriage has remained largely a mystery, like that one locked room no one can ever find a key for and the intrigue about what exists behind the door grows to a fever pitch. Finally, with suspense at a peak, the dam broke open on his latest podcast, on which Smith dropped five bits of news.

1. He's Never Been Married

Even though he's 55 years-old and has two children, the ESPN star has never known the joy of doing paperwork at a municipal building and asking the officiant three times if they're sure everyone is signing on the right line because fixing such an error would involve multiple people getting on more flights.

2. He's Not Against Marriage At All

See above. Only someone who has never been married isn't against it.

3. He Hopes to be Married Some Day

That's just great. Fifty-five is the new 45 and it's never too late to find that once-in-a-lifetime companionship. The man certainly knows how to hold a conversation and one could imagine there'd be nary a dull moment.

4. He's Looking Forward to Walking Down the Aisle and Standing on the Altar Waiting For His Beautiful Bride to Come Sauntering Down the Aisle

Imagine asking Stephen A. if he intends to write his own vows.

5. Personally, He Would Prioritize the Honeymoon Moreso Than The Wedding But That's Just Him

Good luck with that, man.