Frozen-in-Amber Marcus Spears Will Teach Future Civilizations About Stephen A. Smith

Kyle Koster

It's not every day that a sports-shouting participant is able to completely embody the experience of watching such silliness from home, but Marcus Spears did just that today on First Take. Stephen A. Smith took off on the wings of one of his golden-egg-laying rants and Spears' face froze in place just like your grandmother used to warn about. It was truly something.

The talented person operating chryons would go down as a forever legend if -- just once -- they changed the bottom text to "None of This Should Be Happening Even As a Goof." But alas, no such luck yet.

Civilizations will rise and fall. Land will be reclaimed by the sea. Perhaps machines will replace man. This clip will endure, frozen in amber like that pesky mosquito from Jurassic Park, to serve as a record of what Smith meant to the world.

Life ... finds a way.