Even Stephen A. Smith Thinks It's Sad to Make Fun of Cowboys Fans At This Point

Liam McKeone
Stephen A. Smith
Stephen A. Smith /

The Dallas Cowboys are having a season from hell and Stephen A. Smith has been greatly enjoying it. But things have gotten so bad that the notorious Cowboys hater of the ESPN crew feels bad about making fun of the team now.

That's right. Dallas has sunk so low that Smith has grown a conscience.

"Marcus Spears, let me say this to you. You know how I like to troll Cowboys fans because I can't stand those noisy and disgusting people. I can't stand Cowboys fans. They're the worst. But I didn't joke around this past weekend because it's not funny to me. It was so bad. It was so bad what I saw from them. It was just a national embarrassment. I'm serious about that."

Man. Things are bad when the proud champion of anti-Cowboys sentiment in sports media feels sorry for the organization and its supporters.

It is, indeed, as bad as Smith says. It's hard to expect anything else when the Cowboys have been forced to start a seventh-round rookie due to poor injury luck, but still. This is worse than the worst-case scenario for Dallas. Not only are key players suffering injuries left and right, none of the other well-compensated members of the roster are stepping up. Ezekiel Elliott and Amari Cooper aren't living up to their deals. Nobody seems interested in playing hard. It's a disaster. On top of all that, there's no real path to getting better. Cowboys fans have to face another 10 weeks of this.

The Cowboys are so bad this season they aren't even worthy of fodder for jokes. Tough scene.