Why Would Anyone's Life Depend on Either Lamar Jackson or Kirk Cousins Winning a Big Road Game?

Kyle Koster
David Berding/GettyImages

Chris "Mad Dog" Russo still has a standing Wednesday invite to come onto First Take and do battle with Stephen A. Smith and continues to make the very most of the situation. The titans went at each other quite hard this morning over a Lamar Jackson-Kirk Cousins debate, getting ramped up to 11 over two quarterbacks who can't win in the postseason. Your classic sports-shouting fare capped by what has to be my all-time favorite framing from Russo, who asked Smith who he'd rather have under center with his life on the line in a big game on the road.

Smith quickly answered that it would be Jackson all day, every day. Which is fine. But what I really would like to explore here is why this would be a situation anyone would find themselves in? What chain of events would lead to my life being on the line unless either Jackson or Cousins had to win a big road game? And how rarely do they each have the opportunity to do so on the same day?

This sounds like the type of NFL drama the Jigsaw Killer from Saw would create. And not a great long-term system for retaining fans.

Not saying it can't happen. Just not something anyone should be particularly worried about. Guess having an answer ahead of time could be helpful in the survival process.