Stephen A. Smith Was Chomping at the Bit to Debate Louis Riddick About Cam Newton

Liam McKeone
Stephen A. Smith looking diabolical with Louis Riddick
Stephen A. Smith looking diabolical with Louis Riddick /

The clock had not even struck 9:30 in the morning before Stephen A. Smith's blood started to boil. I imagine this is not unusual, but Louis Riddick really got him going. Appearing on Get Up on Friday morning, Riddick said Cam Newton should start the season as New England's No. 2 quarterback. Jarrett Stidham has a head start due to his familiarity with the coaching staff and system, even if his talent is not in the same ballpark as Newton's.

Smith was distraught.

Riddick responded with a picture summarizing his opinion of Smith's thoughts.

After all that, you knew Riddick and Smith would be squaring up on ESPN sooner rather than later. The time came quickly, and Smith was absolutely raring to go.

Look at Smith while Riddick is talking. He cracked his neck and shook his shoulders like he was a prize fighter about to hop in the ring. Dare I say he even looked diabolical when rubbing his hands together, waiting for Riddick to finish speaking so he can release a verbal onslaught.

This might be my favorite Stephen A. Smith segment I've ever watched. The actual content doesn't matter as much as the delivery, and this is as good as Smith gets. Great Friday content.