VIDEO: Stephen A. Smith Defends Himself Against Joe Rogan UFC Criticism

Ryan Glasspiegel
Stephen A. Smith
Stephen A. Smith / Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Joe Rogan and Stephen A. Smith, two titans of the contemporary media landscape, are now in a war of words of sorts over Smith's analysis of UFC on ESPN.

MMA Junkie has an informative write-up of the back-story and the full quotes from both sides that led to this. Essentially that Smith diminished Cowboy Cerrone's performance, calling it atrocious, after he got decimated by Conor McGregor last weekend. Rogan called this a "bad look" for ESPN, and talked about how there's a culture in sports broadcasting to diminish athletes.

Smith responded to Rogan's criticism on Twitter, first saying that he respects Rogan, but then justifying his own commentary on the basis of having been covering a variety of sports for 25 years:

Smith didn't totally directly address the core points of Rogan's actual criticism, but said he'd talk to Rogan on any platform to continue the dialogue. That would be a pretty interesting conversation if it ever happens.