Stephen A. Smith, Jay Williams Get Into Another Tense Argument Over Kyrie Irving

Stephen A. Smith and Jay Williams
Stephen A. Smith and Jay Williams /

Stop me if you've heard this one before-- Stephen A. Smith and Jay Williams got into a tense argument over the latest Kyrie Irving antics. The two have sparred on First Take about Irving multiple times over the last year or so and every argument feels weird and strangely personal.

This was no different, although Williams accused Smith of being "triggered" in this segment, which he hasn't done before.

Man. That's some uncomfortable television. It's bizarre that Irving, of all individuals, is the sticking point for Williams and it's hard to tell why Smith gets so flustered with Williams across from him on this particular topic

It makes for engaging content but it feels like there's a brewing issue here that could become an actual problem if left unchecked. Molly Querim is apparently the only one on set to sense that.