Stephen A. Smith: Jay Gruden Doesn't Have a Strong Work Ethic, Could Be Fired By Monday

Bobby Burack

On First Take Tuesday, Stephen A. Smith put on his NFL insider cap and told the sports world what he is hearing about the current Redskins head coach, Jay Gruden. I say current because based on what Smith has been told, Gruden getting fired is a foregone conclusion and it may even come this Monday.

If Gruden does get canned in six days, it will come after their matchup with the Patriots that will likely give them their fifth loss of the season. Smith said the only reason they kept Gruden this week was due to them not wanting to throw a new coach into the fire before going up against New England.

Smith added he was also told Gruden has never had a strong work ethic. He once again did this thing where he says he was "told" this but doesn't "know" it to be true. Meaning, if he is right, he wants credit. If he is wrong, well, it's not on him. A tactic that is shrewd to some, and ant-journalism to others.

While there are a lot of maybes in this segment, it doesn't change the fact that the Redskins are horrible, Gruden is not impressive, their owner is foolish, and hope doesn't appear on the way with Dwayne Haskins.