Stephen A. Smith Calls James Harden Ejection 'Worst He's Ever Seen in NBA History'


James Harden was ejected from Game 3 of the Philadelphia 76ers first round series against the Brooklyn Nets. Harden was called for a flagrant 2 foul after he made contact with Royce O'Neale's swimsuit area and the officials reviewed the play.

Flagrant foul discourse and debate has been dominating the NBA for the last few days thanks to Draymond Green, so everyone was ready with a quick and passionate opinion when the latest high-profile ejection dropped.

ESPN's Stephen A. Smith took it to the extreme this morning on First Take calling it the worst ejection he's ever seen in NBA history and wasn't even sure it was a foul.

Smith goes on to say the league doesn't like it when the media spends their time complaining about the officials and he ensures the NBA in return that the media doesn't like it either. And he's right. We have much better things to do. Like complaining about the other media members who are on TV complaining about the officials.

Thank you for feeding the content monster, NBA! We demand sustenance! It doesn't matter what. We just need to consume and you feed us regularly. Bad officiating isn't good for our digestive system, but it keeps us fed.