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Stephen A. Smith and J.J. Redick Are Not Married

Kyle Koster

A Face of Basketball discussion broke out on First Take this morning, which is always exciting. Stephen A. Smith had the temerity to suggest that Stephen Curry could pass LeBron James in this generation's nebulous arms race. The great part about embracing this specific debate is that everyone involved can think they are right because, just like No. 1 Dad vs. World's Greatest Dad, it's unclear how official any of these rankings are at the end of the day.

Here's Smith's full discussion on the subject with J.J. Redick, which failed to resolve anything, necessitating another episode of the show tomorrow. Funny how that works.

Along the way, Redick revealed an extremely smart marital strategy: never argue about hypotheticals. Which really isn't relevant in terms of nationally televised shows built entirely on the foundation of disagreement. Smith, the consummate pro, reminded Redick that they are not married.

We've said it before and will say it again. Redick has been fantastic as a SAS foil in his first few months at ESPN. He never gives and inch and can land a punch or two. Their bickering is highly entertaining, even if they are not bound together in holy matrimony.