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Stephen A. Smith Sneaky Good at Physical Comedy

Kyle Koster

Two more hours of First Take have been submitted for archival in the Library of Congress and surely there were many memorable moments during the non-stop volley of debate. But the true highlight of the day is a subtle one, courtesy of Stephen A. Smith donning Molly Qerim's glasses during a bit about Kendrick Perkins' level of fitness. What a sentence.

Here is Smith not-so-fasting a compliment about how good Perkins looked while reaching for the nearest available prop to deliver a contrarian take.

Look, you'll probably think this is another unchecked floatation into hyperbole. Whatever. Smith making an absolute meal of doing all he could with those glasses is incredible work. Not everyone can be funny without speaking. Which makes you realize just how much of his performance is non-verbal. And how often some aspect of whatever he's doing is for comedic effect.

Something new to appreciate every day.

Deserves a chance to play the role of some bookworm/nerd in a movie. Would crush it.