Stephen A. Smith Is Intensely Excited About the NHL Returning to ESPN

Stephen A. Smith discussing the NHL on "Stephen A's World"
Stephen A. Smith discussing the NHL on "Stephen A's World" /

ESPN is bringing the NHL back to its airwaves after 17 years with a new seven-year multiplatform deal. Stephen A. Smith couldn't possibly be more thrilled.

On Thursday's episode of Stephen A's World, Smith listed the top five things he knows about the NHL. The man was at his most intense and excited during the segment. In fact, I'm not sure a human being has ever been more excited about anything.

Check it out:

Smith probably shouldn't have had that 13th cup of coffee before going on air, but dammit I loved this. There's nothing wrong with being excited on television.

Count me among those who are thrilled the NHL is coming back to ESPN. It's fixing a mistake that was made nearly two decades ago. Plus, they're bringing back that amazing music. If this doesn't get you fired up you should check your pulse:

The NHL will return to ESPN officially in the fall for the start of the 2021-22 season. There is no word who will be in the broadcast booth for the games but now they definitely have to incorporate Stephen A. occasionally, right?