Stephen A. Smith: Don't Rule Out LeBron James Leaving Cleveland

By Ty Duffy

LeBron James kept leverage, leaving himself an option to leave the Cleveland Cavaliers if things weren’t going swell. Stephen A. Smithtold Jorge & Izzy on ESPN Radio LeBron may do that, if he feels the Cavs are taking him for granted.

Decision III is stupendous gossip fodder. LeBron did his part with a well-timed trip to Miami. Of course, this specific comment is kind of a cop out. If LeBron leaves, Stephen A was right and prescient. If LeBron stays, Stephen A was not wrong because the conditions of the hypothetical were not met. But, it’s safe to say the LeBron camp is not too pleased right now and wants people to know that.

The 2015-16 Cavaliers are on pace to be, perhaps, the most sullen No. 1 Conference seed in NBA history. Of course, the late winter sads can get even the best of us in the Midwest. Maybe things will perk up by spring.