Stephen A. Smith Laments Dak Prescott Not Getting a Long-Term Deal Before Ankle Injury

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Stephen A. Smith took to Twitter on Sunday afternoon to send his thoughts to Dak Prescott after the Dallas Cowboys quarterback suffered a gruesome ankle injury. He also lamented the fact that Prescott couldn't get a long-term contract before something like this happened.

Here's what he had to say:

Some will claim this is the wrong time for a discussion about Prescott's contract, but given Smith's job that's an absurd opinion. I think it's completely inbounds for him to lament the fact that a player didn't get paid before a major injury.

I count myself among those who thought Prescott had proven himself over the past few seasons. I believe he was worthy of a long-term deal from the Cowboys. That didn't happen. Now Prescott's future in Dallas is up in the air. He's playing on the franchise tag this season and he's about to undergo season-ending ankle surgery. No one knows what's next.

Hopefully he can recover fully and be back strong in 2021.