Stephen A. Smith: Cowboys Fans Are 'An Entitled Bunch of Snobs'

Ryan Phillips

Stephen A. Smith loves nothing more than watching the Dallas Cowboys fail. He positively revels in it. But on Thursday he revealed to The Ringer's Kevin Clark that he has nothing against the Cowboys, it's their fans that drive him nuts. And man, did he go in on the team's supporters.

Smith went off on how Cowboys fans are "an entitled bunch of snobs" and have absolutely no self-awareness. He called them "disgusting" and "nauseating." The fans are what make the Cowboys so unlikable for him. It's a great segment and an example of Stephen A. at his best.

Check it out:

Man, that's quite a rant. I'm sure a lot of NFL fans agree with that assessment. Unfortunately for people like his old partner Skip Bayless, Stephen A. is never coming around on Cowboys fans.