Stephen A. Smith: Colts Fans Justified in Booing Andrew Luck

Ryan Phillips

Andrew Luck’s retirement over the weekend has sent the Internet into a dizzying spiral. Everyone is jumping on the Hot Take Expressto analyze Luck’s thinking and either judging or supporting Indianapolis Colts fans for booing their long-time quarterback. Now Stephen A. Smith has hopped into the discussion.

Buckle up.

On Monday’s edition of First Take, Smith said Colts fans were justified in booing Luck:

Smith’s point is that Luck is retiring a few weeks before the season when the Colts were preparing to make a run at the Super Bowl. He then went on to point out that a lot of other great players who retired young did so during the offseason, not in the lead-up to the season.

That’s the thing though: Luck retired because another debilitating injury had popped up. It’s clear he wasn’t planning on retiring until the latest injury happened. That would have led to another endless rehab and the cycle of injuries Luck has faced would continue indefinitely.

The timing wasn’t ideal, but that probably speaks more to Luck trying to make it work than anything.