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Stephen A. Smith Blasts Carson Wentz For Doing 'Idiotic Things'

Ryan Phillips
Tennessee Titans v Indianapolis Colts
Tennessee Titans v Indianapolis Colts / Andy Lyons/GettyImages

Carson Wentz had a rough Sunday afternoon. His Indianapolis Colts fell to the Tennessee Titans 34-31 in overtime and he looked horrible at times. He even threw what I believe is the worst interception in NFL history. Count Stephen A. Smith among those who are now completely done with Wentz.

On Monday's First Take, Smith went off on Wentz. He noted that he believes the quarterback is immensely talented but he does "idiotic things." It's hard to argue with him.

Here's the segment:

The point that sticks here is that Wentz isn't a rookie, yet he repeatedly makes rookie mistakes. He's 28 years old and in his sixth season. He can't throw a ball with his off-hand, into traffic, out of the end zone and expect something good to happen. He does stuff like that far too often.

Smith is correct that Wentz's performance can't match his immense talent.