Stephen A. Smith: Barack Obama Told Me to Keep Ranting and Raving On Television


Former President Barack Obama was at Game 2 of the NBA Finals last night and sat next to Adam Silver. There’s no telling what little birdies Obama put in the commissioner’s ear in regards to rule changes, so no one should be surprised if the Chicago Bulls suddenly get an extra lottery pick every year.

Stephen A. Smith took the opportunity to introduce himself and teed up Obama for some humanitarian work that surely would have resulted in another Nobel Prize. But the moment was not seized.

This was it. This was the one real chance we had as a society to reel in Stephen A. Smith. And it’s gone now.

Thanks, Obama.

The impassioned soliloquies and incredulous monologues will continue until morale improves and Smith has staked a claim to each and every show airing on ESPN’s family of networks.

In all seriousness, it would have been amazing had the president told Smith, ‘Yeah, you’d be more enjoyable at a 7 than a 10’ to see a new and underhanded pundit reinventing himself on the fly.

No word yet on what Jimmy Pitaro thinks of his biggest star dipping into politics.