Stephen A: Lakers Front Runners for Kevin Durant, Between Them and Knicks

Bobby Burack

Stephen A. Smith said today on his radio show that while the Warriors players he has talked to are confident Kevin Durant will stay, he is hearing differently. According to his sources, it is between the Knicks and Lakers with the Lakers being the frontrunners (20:55):

“I am hearing Knicks and Lakers with the Lakers having the edge. That is what I am hearing. Two weeks ago I heard the Knicks had the edge. Now I hear the Lakers had the edge. Let me tell you something, it appears to be one of those two teams which is Kevin Durant’s next destination. “

Stephen A. once again made it clear following those comments that is not what the Warriors believe.

There is a lot to unload here, earlier today it was reported by The Athletic’s Marcus Thompson an anonymous Warrior said there is “no way” Durant returns. As for the two teams, the Lakers and Knicks, they do make the most sense if he is going to leave Golden State. With the Lakers, there is LeBron James his friend, and with the Knicks it was reported by Chris Haynes they have a “real shot” as Durant feels about New York the way LeBron felt about Los Angeles.

Last week: If Durant leaves Golden State, the Lakers make the most sense.

Of course, another layer to this is the history between Durant and Stephen A. During Durant’s last year with the Thunder, Stephen A. said if Durant were to leave Oklahoma City, Los Angeles was the “prime spot that he is considering.” This led to Durant saying Stephen A. was” lying.” We all know what happened after that, it was the infamous “you don’t want to make an enemy out of me” moment on First Take.

And here we are.