Candace Parker Predicted Stephen Curry's 50-Point Game

Stephen Douglas
Houston Rockets v Golden State Warriors
Houston Rockets v Golden State Warriors / Michael Urakami/GettyImages

The Golden State Warriors hosted the Atlanta Hawks on Monday night which meant fans were treated to a star-studded point guard matchup between Stephen Curry and Trae Young. Curry got off to a quick start scoring 10 points in the first few minutes, which prompted current Turner basketball personality and WNBA champion Candace Parker to tweet this:

Wouldn't you know it, Curry did just that, finishing with 50 points on a very economical 28 field goal attempts. He made nine of 19 three-point attempts and threw in 10 assists, seven rebounds and three steals. Parker nailed it.

Was it really because Curry saw a young protégé in Young? It would not be very gentlemanly to say either way. Whatever Steph's motivation for scoring 50 last night, Candace Parker called it.