Let's Talk About Stefon Diggs' Meme Cleats

Bobby Burack
Denver Broncos v Minnesota Vikings
Denver Broncos v Minnesota Vikings / Stephen Maturen/Getty Images

The game within the game is not about over/unders and spreads. It's about cleats worn on the field. And, today, all eyes are on Stefon Diggs' Mache-designed shoes. Which, of course, are so 2019 as they don't just feature a meme, but the most popular meme of the month. Which will be in the discussion for the prestigious "Meme of the Year" award.

Three reactions are plausible upon looking at these cleats. A) You get the meme and think they are great. B) You find this hilarious, but don't get the meme. C) You find this incredibly immature and something that wasn't accepted in your day of real men's football. As those in category A have likely stopped reading this, and those in category C are boring, we will just address those in the middle.

This viral meme has quite the origin with very little meaning. Amanda Mitchell explained early this month:

""But what is the cat meme, exactly, and how did it become so popular? Well, firstly, the meme's virality is due to simple happenstance, of course. The images had each been used individually as memes themselves—and both have separate origins—but once put together, they became magic." "

The woman in the picture is a little more known. It's a photo of Taylor Armstrong from a 2011 episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. And, as you can see, a moment she wasn't too happy in.

The cat is just a friendly cat sitting in front of a plate of vegetables that turned into a famous cat in the memeosphere (If "blogosphere" exists, this does, too). Now, paired together, the woman and cat are a story at the start of Week 11 of the NFL season.