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Stefon Diggs Flossing on the Bench During Bills - Dolphins Game UPDATE

Stephen Douglas
Stefon Diggs flossing.
Stefon Diggs flossing. /

Big update tonight from Stefon Diggs, who explained why he was flossing on the Bills sideline during their game against the Dolphins.

Stefon Diggs came into the Buffalo Bills' Week 17 game against the Miami Dolphins leading the NFL in receptions and receiving yards. Diggs had five catches early as Josh Allen broke the Bills single-season record for passing yards. Diggs was also shown flossing on the bench between series.

This is the kind of thing that a player has to do when you keep feeding him. Seriously, if I told you an NFL player flossed, you would assume he was celebrating, not practicing good dental hygiene. Yet here we are.

This is not a team you want to face in the playoffs. Well, maybe you do since they probably have very good breath.