Steelers' Fans Overtake MetLife Stadium

Bobby Burack
Buffalo Bills v Pittsburgh Steelers
Buffalo Bills v Pittsburgh Steelers / Justin Berl/Getty Images

In one of the year's most surprising developments, the Pittsburgh Steelers are alive and healthy in the playoff race with two weeks to go in the regular season. The same cannot be said for the New York Jets, who have been playing meaningless football for a while now. Their fans have already locked up the office doors and have left for Christmas vacation this afternoon.

According to the NFL's official website, today's Steelers-Jets matchup is a home game for the Jets. However, as you can see, not really:

While you can't chastise Jets' fans for their decision to not even somewhat support their team live and in person, we do prefer to leave empty stadiums for the cities of Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., and Miami.

It's not all bad in New York, however. Sure, the fans skipped out and probably passed on free seats, but someone a little more important than the average football stan didn't.

That's right.