Steelers Fans Have Taken Over a Chargers Home Game in Yet Another LA Embarrassment

Ryan Phillips
Chargers Steelers crowd
Chargers Steelers crowd / Katharine Lotze/Getty Images

The Los Angeles Chargers are dealing with yet another embarrassment Sunday night. They're on in prime time against the Pittsburgh Steelers in what is supposed to be a home game. Unfortunately for Dean Spanos and his franchise, Steelers fans have completely taken over their stadium.

Check out these crowd shots:

Look at the reaction to this touchdown:

And this one:

What an absolutely joke. The Chargers are in their third year in LA and they can't even get a 50-50 crowd for a prime time game. It's absolutely insane. This is an incredible embarrassment to the franchise and the league as a whole.

Even Chargers fans are embarrassed: