State Farm May Pull Sponsorship from LA Clippers Because of Donald Sterling


Donald Sterling, the end is near for your embarrassing tenure as owner of the LA Clippers. The NBA is expected to decide Sterling’s fate sometime Tuesday before the Clippers host the Warriors in game five of the NBA playoffs, and as if Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson speaking out wasn’t enough, now we’ve got an advertiser likely pulling out.

Steve Stoute, the CEO of Translation – a marketing firm with State Farm as a client – went on Colin Cowherd’s ESPN radio show Monday and said “what I’m going to do … I’m telling the brands that I represent, ‘let’s pull sponsorship.'” Stoute went on to say, “State Farm is pulling out, and other brands are pulling out. We’re going to start seeing it over the next 48 hours.” State Farm has not officially announced anything yet.

Will any more companies bail on the Clippers today?

One hopes that the NBA can find a legal leg to stand on to get Sterling to sell the team to Magic Johnson.

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