Dan Orlovsky Says Matthew Stafford and the Rams Are Trying to 'Choke on Greatness'

Stephen Douglas
Matthew Stafford
Matthew Stafford / Rey Del Rio/Getty Images

The Rams and Lions swapped quarterbacks over the weekend in a move that has been just too much for most people to process all at once. ESPN's Dan Orlovsky went on Get Up this morning to try and explain just what the Los Angeles Rams hope to accomplish by bringing in longtime Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford. The phrase he landed on? "Both he and the Rams have chose to try and choke on greatness rather than nibble on mediocrity."

Mike Greenberg being unable to stifle is the secondary highlight, but congratulations to Orlovsky for inventing a whole new phrase. Obviously, it needs some work. Nibbling on mediocrity is fine, but the opposite of a nibble is most certainly not choking. You can choke on something you have nibbled. The Rams and Stafford want to feast or take a big bite of greatness, not choke on it. That sounds more like, well, just choking in a big moment, which the Rams have already been doing.