St. Louis BattleHawks Fans Still Hate Stan Kroenke After Rams Move

William Pitts
A St. Louis BattleHawk in its native habitat.
A St. Louis BattleHawk in its native habitat. / XFL/Getty Images

After two weeks of road games, today marks the first home game for the St. Louis BattleHawks of the XFL. It also marked the return of professional football to The Dome at America's Center (as it's now called) for the first time since the NFL's Rams departed for Los Angeles after the 2015 season.

Six years later, it seems that St. Louis' fans still haven't quite gotten over the move. A few even decided to to hang an effigy of the Rams' current owner, Stan Kroenke, and smacking it like a pinata.

The city of St. Louis has already filed suit against Kroenke and the NFL and are seeking a cut of the league's $35 million relocation fee, claiming that Kroenke violated the NFL's relocation guidelines when he moved the Rams. These fans seem to have already passed judgement.